The Problem Of Income Inequality

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The purpose of this paper is to identify, discuss and provide a solution to the issues within income inequality around the world. Income inequality is an unequal distribution of income to an individual. The problem of income inequality is that it affects our health and well being in a negative way, according to David R. Miller, the majority of canadians that have a greater income have a better chance of survival because they have the resources and income to get the medical care that they would need to recover (Fixing Income Inequality in Canada, 2013). This is not only affecting the health and well being of Canadians, but also the percentage of crime continues to increase because individuals cannot afford basic life needs. This is an …show more content…
With the rate of the amount of people in poverty decreases, the percentage of crime rate will decrease as well. With basic income, the household would get enough money for life necessities like food and water. Majority people who commit a crime are often desperate, but with the basic income enforced, individuals would not feel the need to commit a crime because they would be able to afford the the necessity. A basic income would increase the number of people that would be off the streets, giving these individuals with a positive environment. The Author describes this idea of removing poverty as a utopia because it is impossible to completely remove poverty. Rutger Bregmen uses an example of how slavery was seen as a utopian dream, an impossible act, but with progression, slavery slowing coming to an end (Why We Should Give Everyone a Basic Income, 2014, para. 7) the author is explaining that poverty will not just disappear overnight, it will take some time. From a crime percentage point of view, this means that crime will decrease as the poverty percentage decrease. Crime will never be completely removed from the world, but a basic income can help reduce the crime rate in the world creating a more safe place to

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