The Problem Of Illegal Immigration Essay

2021 Words Sep 21st, 2014 9 Pages
There are so many actions and occurrences in the world that happen every day it can be hard to keep track of them, among these ‘things” are problems or issues. Most people know in their head what they consider a “problem” or “issue” but many of the personal definitions are at least a little bit different in some way. There are some characteristics that help to categorize any problem, it can be a large problem or a small one, it can involve one person or many, it can be long lasting or short lived, there can be multiple problems all linked together or one problem all by itself and probably characteristics. One group of issues that affects more than one person at once is social problems; these problems affect a whole society or community. There are many social issues that are experienced across the world and even more specifically right here in the United States, one that I am personally interested in is illegal immigration. In general illegal immigration is people entering, moving, or “immigrating” into another place, in this case the United States, without going through the proper process including filling out paperwork or getting background checks. In my personal opinion this is a big issue in America and more needs to be done to stop these people from getting in and more punishment should be in place for those who do come into this and other countries illegally. While there are some things being done to keep these illegal immigrants out of America, they have…

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