The Problem Of Human Trafficking Essay

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Human Trafficking
Given away, maybe even taken, and being sold are all other words for being apart of trafficking. Would you feel like the end is here is you were taken, given away, or sold ? Or maybe just less of a person. My proposal is one of the most unrecognized problems all over the world. I will introduce to you Human Trafficking and how it is one of the most unresolved yet out of hand problems happening everywhere. By the end of my presentation you would be fully aware of how we all can stop trafficking and how this issue come about, as well as how it remained such a quiet source of business.
Human trafficking is divided into two categories: sex and forced labor. The difference between the two are sex trafficking is when you are underage and forced into a commercial sex act. Forced labor are when you are accounted from a company that only wants your for your services in other words slave. Both are dangerous and are growing very rapidly in the world today. Trafficking is also a crime and with that case just off the name trafficking can cause a person to be in jail just too 100 years. They are also a very defiant forms of slavery.
Sex trafficking is very intense and can affect a person 's adult life just basically because they were raised the way they were. To this key point sex trafficking can include pornography, sexual performance,prostitution,and activities done in exchange of materials such as food,money and drugs. The common age for a child put the trafficking is…

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