Essay about The Problem Of Human Trafficking

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This criminal study will define the problem of human trafficking in Russia and an analysis of legal resolutions to legalize prostitution in the international sex trade. Russian society is currently under siege from a growing level of criminal organizations that kidnap and force women into illegal prostitution rings. This form of human trafficking defines a lack of criminal enforcement and prevention of human trafficking Russia, which demands a new international approach to legalization and enforcement of women’s rights through the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC). More so, new international policies towards the legalization of prostitution must be brought forward to help Russia combat the international scope of human trafficking. The legalization of prostitution will lower the black market value of women being kidnapped and make prostitution a more transparent business outside of the criminal underworld. Certainly, this will deescalate the growth of human kidnapping as a high priced black market niche for global criminal syndicates that rely on human trafficking for profit. In essence, an analysis of the growing problem of human trafficking in Russia will be analyzed to resolve this issue through the legalization of prostitution on an international scale. The ethical issue of human trafficking is defined by the increasing exploitation of women as prostitute in the international sex trade. The sex trade is, of course, defined as being illegal in Russia due…

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