The Problem Of Homelessness On The City Of San Jose Essay

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Have you seen camping tents on the sides of streets or highways and asked yourself, “how big is our homeless problem?” The problem of homelessness in the city of San Jose is drastically causing problems with no immediate plan to help out the homeless. An article in 2013 by Mark Emmons for, says the homeless numbers locally leave the San Jose/Santa Clara County behind some other bigger cities such as New York City, Seattle, and San Diego with 7,631 homeless people. San Jose is the capital of the Silicon Valley and has quickly grown into one of the richest and most expensive areas to live in throughout the years. The advancement in technology and innovation in the city, especially with many major tech companies like Apple and Google being right down the street, the cost of living has gone through the roof, causing many people to lose their homes. In a census done in 2015 by San Jose Homeless Census, stated, “Approximately 69% of the population was unsheltered…” Whether the residents of San Jose want to acknowledge the problem or not, there is a homeless population that are living on our streets with nowhere to go. Homelessness can be broken into two parts, the economics portion and the mental health portion, both playing huge dividends in the homeless situation in San Jose.
Imagine yourself as a citizen of the Bay Area and constantly having to witness firsthand the amount of homeless people panhandling out on the streets. Out on the East Side, Monterey…

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