The Problem Of Homeless People Essay

801 Words Jun 25th, 2015 4 Pages
Homeless people are ubiquitous in the world. From financial problems to indecisive personal arguments, adequate homeless people are struggling to live on the streets because they are prejudiced with their appearance: muddled clothes, massive necessary survival items, and unclean face. Not only they face prejudice, they also face abusive because of people’s judgement of stealing items or walking in a building unwelcome and uninvited. Like homeless people’s hardships, numerous people are struggling to pay houses or finding a solution to their personal problems. Yet they take their rage on innocent homeless people, making them feel despair and unfortunate about their wrong decision. Although many of people judges homeless people differently, individuals and communities need to treat them equal and fair by helping their situation no matter what condition they struggle with. Homeless people are not different from human beings. They are people who many people have gone through similar situations. Even though a lot of people are busy with their daily lifestyle, some people care about homeless people because they experience similar situations. For instance, my junior year English teacher was homeless in her adolescent years due to abusive relationships and low money. By sharing relationships and financial situations with other people, this explains that individuals help homeless people feel comfortable that they are not alone. Also, sharing similar situations shows a connection…

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