The Problem Of Hip Hop Essay

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One of the many truths of life that exist in relation to human interaction and functionality of the aggregate of people within communities is that change is necessary. Change is is vital part of the inevitable progression that occurs within society across the world. From the United States of America to Japan, forms of social reform: a movement by the “people” whom seek to transform, the political and social ideologies of the current ruling body or majority people, in regards to those who have been marginalized by society; have been implemented to aid in the progression of society and countries. The specific weapon of choice that seems to have the world’s youth/young adult population in rhythmic revolt is Hip Hop. Hip Hop in all its elements serves the purpose of not only being a genre of art that speaks to the engaged population, but it serves the desired function of an inclusive tool for the development of ideals and social rules of the masses of any nation.
The birth of Hip Hop marked a moment of “progression” for America. The emergence of Hip Hop in the 1970’s, a post-industrialized era in essence was a byproduct of African-American history and the ongoing inhuman experiences and oppression in urban society. Author of “Black Noise” Tricia Ross states, “Hip Hop is a cultural form that attempts to negotiate the experiences of marginalization, brutally truncated opportunity, and oppression within the cultural imperatives of African-American and Caribbean history, identity…

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