The Problem Of High School Dropouts Essay

1144 Words Feb 16th, 2016 null Page
When this assignment was first announced I found it quite odd. Of course, I had heard of research essays before, but never had I heard of any essay narrating the story of the research process. When I enrolled in this class I did not foresee being assigned any type of essay that I had not encountered in the past. Nonetheless, it seemed this would be an easy enough assignment. After all, I have always enjoyed English and writing an essay is generally an easy process for me. Also, I have already taken a course all about the library, databases, and research in general. Therefore, I felt fairly confident I would have no problem obtaining four sources. For the proposing solutions essay, I settled upon the problem of high school dropouts. As a result, this is the subject my sources will be related to. Thus begins my hunt for sources.
For my first source I wanted to track down an article with information on the causation behind the rate of high school dropouts. We were given a work day in class so I opened my laptop to begin searching the library’s databases. However, my laptop did not want to connect to the university’s Wi-Fi. After disconnecting and reconnecting what seemed like a hundred times, I gave up and connected to my cellphone’s hotspot to use my cellular data. At last I could access the internet! I began my journey by typing “high school” and “drop out” in the “Everything” tab and I limited my search results to full text only. My search produced many results. I chose the…

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