The Problem Of Global Poverty Essay

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Similarly, GMOs also facilitate continued sustainability in developing countries. For various developing parts of the world, agriculture is a main source of livelihood. Consequently, if those farmers lose their plants to disease, they lose their livelihood. Again, genetically engineering becomes a plausible solution as, “Many pests and diseases cannot, however, be controlled using conventional breeding methods. Moreover, subsistence farmers cannot afford most pesticides, which are often ineffective or harmful to the environment (Ronald 16). The issue of poverty is complex and cannot be solved simply. It is not enough to simply provide for impoverished countries. Thus, breaking the cycle of poverty requires the people in those situations to work towards improving their situation. Although adequate nutrition with GMOs is the basis for combating the problem of global poverty, GMOs also promote sustainability within developing countries. By genetically engineering disease resistant crops, subsistence farmers can continue to provide for their families. More importantly, it empowers such individuals by allowing them to continue their work. By facilitating an environment where impoverished people can gradually work towards economical improvement through self-sufficiency, genetic engineering crops aid in combating poverty. Conversely, there are those who oppose Genetically Modified Organisms. The first opposition stems from a misconception I briefly explained earlier. Anti-GMO…

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