The Problem Of Genetically Modified Foods

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Introduction- Introduce the problem
The worlds’ population is continuously growing at a rapid rate, with in that it is estimated that 9.6 billion people are expected to be living on the earth by 2050. Even now with over 7 billion mouths to feed the food industry is struggling and is constantly being put under immense pressure to produce enough food to feed us and the issue is only exacerbating as the population continues to increase in size.
- What is the solution/possible solutions?
However, there is a resolution to fix the problem. The most current effective and efficient solution to this dilemma is Genetically Modified Food (GE). Genetically modified organisms is the genetic material (DNA) from plants, microorganisms and animals that
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It has been used for thousands of year to produce food in our growing population. So as we advance it is vital to find a sustainable way to produce a large amount of food sources that are equal with both quantity and most importantly quality. Genetically modified foods are an efficient way to produce mass amounts of crops over just organically growing them. Foods derived from organisms that have a genetic material (DNA) are recognized as genetically modified foods. These foods have been modified in some form that does not occur naturally. An example of how genetically modified foods occur is when a gene is introduced from a different organism (Downs, 2016). Currently available GM foods stem mostly from plants, but in the future foods derived from GM microorganisms or GM animals are likely to be introduced on the market (Downs, 2016). The main reason genetically modified crops have been developed is to improve the amount of crops that turn out healthy and prevent many crops from going rotten and to build resistances to different plant diseases as well as increased tolerance of herbicides. For example growing crops organically causes massive losses not only to the agriculture business but also in food for our population. Because it does not have the chemicals to fight against insects and the different weather patterns for example drought, rain. That is why genetically modified crops is the optimal options when it comes to feeding our population in the most sustainable way.
Paragraph 2- Genetic modification in agriculture. Explain environmental effects gone rouge Also Travel throughout food chain bird eats crop something eats bird

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