The Problem Of Food Deserts Essay

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One of the rising problems tackling America’s both large and rural areas today is the problem of food deserts. The term food deserts refers to an area in which there is no access to fresh, healthy and affordable food and more than 20% of the neighborhood falls below the poverty line (Powel, 2014). The problem of food deserts in America is a growing problem that has received a rising attention from U.S policies makers, public figures and corporations because it is a problem that’s affecting the U.S, not only on a national level but a local one as well ( Schimidt, 2013). According to, an organization advocating for social changes, nearly 23.5 millions of people live in food deserts in America today. And chances are that you and I, if not already included in this number, at least knows someone who is counted in this number or is currently living in an area characterized as food deserts. And typically, these people are not only struggling financially, but they are also dealing with chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes and hypertension (Powel, 1).
Over the past decades, countless studies have shown that what we eat affects our brain (.McCulloch, 2). That is why, it is encouraged to eat healthy food for numerous of reason besides the fact that it helps with digestion. But unfortunately, not everyone has access to healthy food. Researchers have proposed many factors-economic, geographical, psychological and sociological-as to why some people fail to consume…

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