Essay on The Problem Of False Memory

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The idea of false memory has been studied since the days of Sigmund Freud. It’s defined as a fabricated or distorted recollection of an event (Cherry). The study of false memory has been used to help understand how the smallest things can make such a big impact on how we remember certain events in our minds. Most people think that a person’s memory is always accurate and can’t be changed, but many studies have been done to prove this wrong. “Though the term ' 'false memory ' ' is slippery and inadequate, there is now little doubt that the phenomenon exists. A rash of satanic ritual abuse claims in the 1980 's and 90 's -- claims that were never substantiated but destroyed families and ruined reputations -- demonstrated fairly conclusively that both adults and children sometimes report things they think happened that didn’t” (NY). Several psychologists in multiple different countries are conducting studies and publishing research to help inform others about the inaccuracy of memory.
Chiara Mirandola is one of the many brilliant psychologists choosing to focus on researching the concept of false memories. Her research is bringing forward new information about the creation or lack thereof of false memories. Chiara Mirandola has devoted herself to studying psychology and furthering her knowledge of the field she has chosen. In September of 2004, Chiara Mirandola was awarded her bachelor’s degree in cognitive psychology and psychobiology from the University of Padova in…

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