The Problem Of Education In The Story Of Frederick Douglass

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Many difficulties happen to student, which affect their educational path. Students are the one who want to become someone better in this society and unfortunately they have to go through very bad situation. As a student, I had go through many obstacle, specifically, when I got to New York. At first, I had the language barrier, I did not know how communicated with others in English. Therefore, in high school, the Department of Education, took out two years of my education, instead of being in 11th grade, they put me in 9th grade. It was a very difficult situation which affect my studies in a bad way, basically I am behindhand in two years in my education. There are many more examples of how student get affect in their academy journal. Problems …show more content…
Racism is also involved with it, an example is the story of Frederick Douglass. He was one of the author we read during class, a twelve year old slave living in the southern of United States. His history is an example of the problem that had happened in the educational system. During that time of slaves, they had no rights and everything for them was limited.Racism was a big obstacle in education. His master said to him “Education and slavery were incompatible with each other” (Douglass Frederick, 1845) but it did not affect him because he got to know himself and …show more content…
When people understand first themselves, they got to understand others better. It means that if we understand problem is because we get to know our self well. It occur when you pass through the self awareness, the next step is the social awareness which was what Mrs. Nieto did, identified social issues and proposed a solution to it. The social Awareness is where people will understand social issues and will be able to identify what kind of problem they have in their communities. When you could identify any issues then you will be able to do something about it.
People who have done something about any social issue are people who knows then self wee, knows how identify problem that affect the community and then do something about it. There have always been problem in the education system and those “have been solved” for a while. Going back to history we can think about the Brown vs Board of Education, this was the end of segregation of school. This case cort show us that when people come together could make things

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