Essay on The Problem Of Eating Disorder

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Eating Disorder Eating Disorder is a psychological disease when a person, male or female (mostly females) reduces the amount of food significantly by starving themselves. Women dream about being a beautiful model because they see gorgeous women on commercials, billboards, movies and even in magazines that are thin, pretty, and beautiful. The women look at themselves in the mirror and say: I want to be like the models in the commercials, magazines & movies. When a woman with low self-esteem looks in the mirror, they become obsessive to look that like the woman in the magazine or on commercial/ movie. Teenagers are having more of a threat feeling towards these beautiful models because the teenagers are young and naive and as they grow and become more aware of what they see in the mirror they want to change their appearance. The most problem teenagers deal with are eating disorders, lack of self-esteem and weight issues. What these teenagers don’t realize is that every woman is beautiful inside and out. Everyone is born different and it’s the inner woman that brings out the best and reflects a beautiful woman on the outside. An eating disorder is a serious health issue among women in today’s society. “…10 million Americans report symptoms of an eating disorder anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa, according to the National Association of Eating Disorders (Novotney, 2009).” Millions of people struggle with eating disorders every year. Eating disorders, like anorexia, have…

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