The Problem Of Drug Trafficking Essays

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Drug issues has been a big problem since way back through out the history since the 1800s. These problems include drug supplying, distribution, smuggling, etc. New drugs are being introduced to the world everyday. To come up with a plan to reduce the problem, . Many have struggled with providing for themselves and their family which leaves them no choice to turn to the illegal business involving distributing and supplying drugs. For this research, Colombia is one of the geographic focus besides America. Drug issue had become a serious problem since 1900s, but it had begun ever since 1800s. Many laws have been made against drug use to prevent the problem from growing, as well as new ways of smuggling drugs across the globe has been thought out more carefully for the business to keep going. For that, Drug smuggling is a big problem all around the world which is being distributed from mainly Colombia into the United States and expand through out the globe. As mentioned, laws against illegal drugs are well known through out for each country since there are different consequences. Back in the 1900s, the law against drugs were strict and is to be followed. For Colombia, the law were to be strictly enforced since their country is know to have the highest population rate in prison, due to the use of drugs as the reason for imprisonment. Even many were to be caught, the rate for the drug use is just as high, to be correct, it is higher. As for America, the rules against drugs are…

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