The Problem Of Domestic Violence Essay

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Key Finding 1: There are a number of causes of Domestic Violence and frequently it is a combination of these that results in this.
Researchers have identified that domestic violence events have a pattern. Understanding this pattern can assist in supporting those who are either the victim or the perpetrator to avoid this happening in the future?
- Cycle of Violence
A pattern of behaviour known as the ‘cycle of violence’ can often be identified in domestic violence situations. Although not everyone experiences with this cycle are the same, some phases do not always occur, but two or more can simultaneously occur. These phases include:
Build-Up Phase: Tension increases and can be marked by increased verbal, emotional and financial abuse, poor communication and isolation. Victims have said this tension feels like an ‘explosion’ and can be the most dangerous phase. Remorse Phase: The offender will feel ashamed and afraid of what has just happened, and may blame others.
Pursuit Phase: The offender often promises to not be violent again and may try to win back their partner with gifts and promises.
Honeymoon Phase: all of these lead to the honeymoon phase all incidents are forgotten and no abuse is taking place. The tension will soon slowly build up again. Victims describe on this period as ‘walking on eggshells’ that can continue until another ‘explosion’ occurs (SAPOL, Cycle of Violence 2005).
This information came from a SAPOL booklet called Domestic Violence Strategy; this…

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