Essay on The Problem Of Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence is the aggression or violence within a family towards a spouse or partner. The way in which they assert their dominance can be in many forms; whether it be physical, emotional, financial, sexual, or neglect. The abusers harmful act can range from a single act, or a series of actions that form a pattern (Government of Canada, 2015). The way in which a person develops their domestic tendencies in a relationship can stem from two main things their nature or their nurture. In the 1980s feminists made the wide spread of domestic or family violence aware to the authorities, they wanted to make them see that it was a real issue and that they wanted retribution for the families that are going through this (Yount, 2006). Though many of the people battering the women had a 50% chance of also beating their kids (Giacobello, 2001). The feminists being aware of this fought for the abusers to be disciplined and punished in hopes that it would solve the problem, but the feminists didn’t realize that they were actually causing more harm than good. When the abuser didn’t fit into the portfolio of being employed, married, or Caucasian it resulted in them becoming more violent towards the family (Yount, 2006). Which means the way in which domestic violence is treated has to take everyone into consideration, and to find how the person became violent will help understand how it entered the relationship.
To first understand why a person decides to use violence, we have to…

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