The Problem Of Domestic Poverty Essay

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Problem Statement Domestic poverty has become a significant issue that impacts many people. Despite various measures that have been implemented by the federal and state governments, there continues to be a growth in poverty levels in America. The majority of Americans are unable to meet basic needs such as paying for food, housing, and clothing. In some cases, individuals are forced to have two or more jobs and work long hours at each job to ensure that they have enough money to meet their basic needs (Billitteri, 2007). This situation is a significant issue and is a challenge that must be addressed by government officials and other political leaders to improve the welfare of many Americans.
Overview of the Problem According to Allard (2008), there has been an increase in the level of poverty worldwide. The United States has experienced an increase in poverty despite relatively stable economic conditions and the implementation of policies intended to reduce poverty levels. High levels of poverty can be attributed to several factors including high unemployment rates and declining income levels. The United States currently has a higher unemployment rate than previous years (O 'connor, 2009). As a result, many have been unemployed and experienced various levels of poverty. The economic growth and income level in the United States has also declined which has led to a lower level of investments. The lack of investors in various American projects has contributed to…

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