Essay on The Problem Of Destiny By Deja Vu

820 Words Feb 19th, 2016 4 Pages
Deja vu is the feeling we’ve experienced something before, even though we know we haven’t. It’s a strange concept; but it seems most people have experienced it. There are many theories behind deja vu, whether it’s evidence of a past life, precognition, or maybe your brain telling letting you know you’re fulfilling your destiny. Although, the last option assumes we all have a destiny to fulfill. Destiny is the belief your life has a certain path to it, no matter what; however, life is really made up of individual choices from free will. Destiny is defined as the predetermined, usually inevitable, course of events ( Destiny plays a huge role in mythology, religion, and media. Greek heroes and demigod stories often included them fulfilling their destinies, the Bible mentions destiny with God’s “plan for you” all the time, and there are too many television shows, movies, and video games to name that involve a protagonist fulfilling their destiny to save the world. Although it is brought up so often in our lives, that doesn’t make it true. Our lives aren’t made up of some fate that we’re stuck with, it’s made up of individual choices that we make every day. Free will isn’t the ability to do whatever you want, whenever you want to do it. It’s saying our lives aren’t determined by some destiny that fell upon us. Our lives are not on some course we don’t control. In fact, the course we’re on is ever changing with each and every choice you make. Free will doesn’t…

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