The Problem Of Crime And Gun Violence Essay example

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Ask several Americans what they consider is the biggest problem America faces, and indeed you will receive multiple answers. Sure America faces countless problems. However, I believe crime and gun violence issues need the most attention. The Second amendment to the United States Constitution protects the right of the people to retain and bear arms, adopted on December 15, 1791, as part of the first ten amendments in the Bill of Rights. The second Amendment we see today is not the same amendment ratified by the several States at the time The Second Amendment, comparable to other parts of the U.S. Constitution, was altered to suit the needs and desires of Federalists who had committed to a loose, decentralized system of government. The framers of the Constitution wanted to ensure they protected basic rights, including the right to bear arms to officials who were trained and had the duty to protect. However, Federalists changed the Second Amendment by allowing firearms into the hands of anyone who wanted one, it was simple if you had the money you could carry a gun. While the second amendment was being written firearms were still being developed. Considering today 's modern world the Founding Fathers had no idea of the technology that would be available today, the invention of multi and rapid fire arms seemed unimaginable.
In recent years, gun violence has increased rapidly not only in the United States, but also, in other various parts of the world. There are more cases of…

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