Essay on The Problem Of Combating Illegal Immigration

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One of Italy’s most prominent dilemmas in an increasingly globalizing world is how they will combat the increasing number of immigrants that are coming into their country. Until recently, Italy’s contribution to world migratory patterns had to do with their contribution to emigration, as millions left to travel to the United States throughout the early parts of the 20th century. However, currently Italy is going through somewhat of a crisis on how to deal with the immigration influx occurring throughout their country, as well as many other Western European and European Union members. With thousands of African immigrants being smuggled into Southern Italy, and thousands more emigrating to the peninsula from Eastern European countries such as Romania and Croatia (Ciobanu, "EUROPE: Home to Roma, And No Place for Them"), Italy faces the problem of combatting illegal immigration while allowing the diverse ethnic groups that have come to their country to adapt to the cultural norms of Italy. One crucial piece of the puzzle of assimilating these immigrant groups is finding things in common with the indigenous Italian peoples so that they may foster better relations. Through this thinking, it is logical to hypothesize that football, a game widely played and viewed by Italians and ethnic minorities alike, could be a vital tool in assimilating the foreign identities of Italy. Primarily a study of the effects that a third place has on groups of different identities, I aim to discover…

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