Essay The Problem Of Climate Change

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For many years now there has been a political debate raging through our nation. On one side, there are those that believe in climate change and that humans have contributed to its rise. Many others, however, believe that this is a just not true, and perhaps even a hoax. To solve this debate, there needs to be a mutual understanding on both sides of it, which in turn progresses society in one direction or another in the hopes of a better tomorrow. Reaching this mutual understanding is possible through Ron Blue’s four steps he puts forth in Just Politics (Sider 24). Regardless of religion or political ideology, citizens need to piece together a normative framework, study society and the world through broad lenses, develop a political philosophy based upon their studies, and then analyze social issues accordingly. Developing a normative framework requires that one has some moral authority, being Natural Law or some sort of religious belief. Climate change is more of a current issue, which means that the Bible does not explicitly mention it, but God does still have views for how the world should care for Creation. If one is a Christian they believe that God created the Earth as a temporary home for them and they can recognize his fingerprints throughout his beautifully created nature. When speaking to Jeremiah about Israel’s shortcomings, God states that “I brought you into a plentiful land to enjoy its fruits… but when you came in you defiled my land and made my heritage an…

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