Essay about The Problem Of Climate Change

2085 Words Mar 25th, 2016 null Page
Climate change is one of the largest threats to life on earth. The largest contributor to the problem of climate change is human pollution. A large portion of this pollution is caused by the process of power production. The reason that the production of electricity is such a large contributor to climate change is due to the usage of coal. According to the US Energy Information Administration, a non-biased governmental agency that reports statistical information on US power production for expert study, roughly 33% of the electricity produced in America is produced by coal (“Electric Power Monthly”). This rate is around the same as it is globally, The Shift Project Data Portal, a site reporting data on the climate and energy to experts for use in studies, states that the worldwide coal usage is about 39%, and fossil fuel usage is about 46% (Toupet). This is a problem because coal and other fossil fuels are by far the least clean of all the available power sources. The goal of the world should be to reduce this rate to the lowest it possibly can. However, economic concerns prove to be a large barrier to this goal. The cost of coal power plants is very cheap compared to other sources of power. This is especially important for developing countries, which do not have access to the high capital needed to build more expensive and cleaner power plants. There are a few primary economically friendly alternative power sources, namely solar, nuclear, and natural gas, but the question…

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