The Problem Of Child Obesity Essay

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Child obesity has become a major problem in this decade, not only has it been affecting children in many countries internationally but also the U.S. The author of “Too Much of a Good Thing”, Greg Crister express that the number of obese teens has doubled over thirty years due to the expenses that has been increasing towards healthy food items. Nowadays, kids are getting use to their daily fast-food choices and it is becoming a habit which could be hard for parents to change. He advises parents to try out the healthy diet plans from the books that are being published for goods since most of the kids are profiting fast-food business. Therefore, parents aren’t able to stand up against child’ unhealthy diet choice. Kids can’t understand the side effects of obesity. Basically, at this age, kids are active and feel like eating a lot, and don’t know when to stop, so they could develop an eating disorder. Crister argues that obesity is becoming a bigger problem through his historical research and epidemiological data, pushing/convincing parents they need to become stricter when it comes to their children portion size.
As the historical data says all meals should be adult-supervised and eating more fast food meals is a bad thing but if the prices of healthy food items are decreased, kids won’t harm their bodies. This is because middle or lower class families cannot afford to buy expensive products due to other requirements such as rents, internet bills, electric bills and so on. For…

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