Essay about The Problem Of Child Labor

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Child labor seems to be an ever-existing problem. We hear of this news constantly and while the issue has been slowly decreasing, there is no sign of its eradication in the near future. One industry that seems to have the majority of issues is the textile and retail industries with massive amounts of outsourced production in third world countries. One such company is Gap Inc. (Gap), which has been a popular source of casual and business clothing throughout the world. In 2007, Gap was accused of using child labor in their Indian factories and while it seemed clear that was a misunderstanding and was strictly being addressed, it was not the first time Gap had been faced with children working on their clothing overseas. Fortunately, we see that Gap realized their past mistakes in dealing with child labor and acted socially responsible in addressing such issues. Corporate Social Responsibility refers to the obligations of the firm to society or, more specifically, the firm’s stakeholders—those affected by corporate policies and practices. (Smith, N.C.2003). In this case study research paper, I will discuss the concept of “Doing good-Social responsibility “ in relation to the case study of Gap Inc and Child labor problem in developing countries. (Fisher, Lovell, Silva- 2013, p-58).The following review will provide a look into the story behind Gap’s influences and decisions, as well as analyze the ethical dilemmas that required redress.
Gap, Inc. Background:

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