Essay on The Problem Of Campus Life

825 Words Apr 29th, 2015 4 Pages
Traveling from one city to another, adjusting to a new environment, and learning the structure and ways of college life all came on so sudden. No one to show me the ropes and no one to clearly explain what were the dos and don’ts on campus was so overwhelming. There were always teachers available but they did not know the anything about campus life. There had to be a way to successfully transition from high school to college without so much stress and fear. Many students traveling to Universities/Colleges away from home have the challenge of preparing for the first year of college without any assistance. The only thing most colleges offer is student orientation and tours around the school without giving any inside survival information. Colleges should pair up as many freshman/transfer students with upperclassmen as possible so that incoming students can get more insight on college life from students that have already experienced the tribulations and obstacles at a particular university. The emergent problem on TSU’s campus would have to be the lack of readiness and focus of incoming students transitioning from high school to college. These students are generally not prepared for school and immediately drop out of college after the first semester because it was too difficult. When students are removed from a dependent environment and into an independent one it exposes the students to situations such as waking up for class on time without the help of parents, and making…

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