The Problem Of Bullying Is A Major World Issue Essay

1152 Words Dec 3rd, 2014 5 Pages
Insecurity is like a parasite that clings onto teenagers, siphoning off the victim’s happiness, and allowing so many fears in replacement that it is difficult to select the worst among them. Eliminating these fears is even harder because many of them are connected with each other. However, there are three factors that are crucial for the survival of insecurity, which are bullying, the lack of the sense that someone will actually listen, and acceptance. These elements not only contribute as sources of insecurity, but also extinguish the single action that could solve all these teenage problems: speaking up. During adolescence, the greatest struggle is to speak up, when it may otherwise seem impossible. Bullying is a major world issue, and the origin of other teen problems, including insecurity, depression, and the struggle of speaking up. The objective of bullying is to make victims feel insignificant and weak by targeting any imperfections they have, which are commonly related to body image and appearance. This overwhelming feeling of vulnerability is often the reason why victims keep silent about these negative influences, because they feel ashamed and powerless against their attackers. In addition, some teens may not speak up because they have already attempted to do so, only to either have their initiative erased by yet more bullying, or because of the feeling that nobody will listen. To illustrate, in Shane Koyczan’s poem about bullying “To This Day,” the words “and if…

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