Essay on The Problem Of Blind People With Disabilities

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Reaction Paper In a world in which sight is the most commonly used sense, people gifted with the ability to see often do not take advantage of all of the wonderful perceptual cues around them. People like Mike Mays, John Hull, and Sabriye Tenberken have overcome the obstacles of being blind, and have inspired others to do so. One of the many challenges people without sight have to face is ridicule. I was not surprised at how poorly blind people were treated because I learned in my Understanding human cultures class that people with disabilities are treated poorly in some cultures. I understand that it is hard to change people’s beliefs and culture, and that it is their right to believe whatever they want to. However, I am still disgusted that human beings treat one another so poorly. What I found most disturbing was when the little girl in the village mocked Tenberken. It is horrifying to know that children are learning to be hateful early in life. I believe that the blind should be treated with respect and equality because they are capable of doing much more than sighted people believe they can.
While reading the excerpt from Mahoney’s biography, I was struck by the accomplishments of Sabriye Tenberken. When Tenberken stated that, “Not until I accepted my blindness did I begin to live,” I believe that she meant that in order to accomplish what she was capable of doing, she had to overcome her feelings of helplessness and depression. That realization enabled her to be…

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