Essay on The Problem Of Birth Control

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How to deal with the unstoppable population growth? Population growth is to define the increase in number of people in the population. The only way to stop population growth is birth control. However, this solution is not a good way to prevent population growth. Some people thought that once they limit their population, they will have a brighter future. In fact, birth control has many disadvantages because birth control will cause the aging of population, affect the health of people, and cause the lack of personal responsibility.
First of all, birth control will cause the aging of population. As people limit their population, fewer and fewer babies will be born. “About 40 percent of the world 's population lives in countries in which couples have so few children that the countries ' populations are likely to decline over the long term. These countries, which include China and most of Europe, must grapple with social, economic, environmental, and political challenges associated with aging and eventually dwindling populations” (Population Bulletin Paragraph 3). It showed that the society will occur the aging of the population that the population of old people is much greater than the population of the young people. With a large amount of old people, the society will face another problem which is lack of labor force. The reason why the society will be lack of labor force is because there will be less people who are able to work in the society. In addiction, young people need to…

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