Persuasive Essay On Bilingual Education

Bilingual Education
Has it ever occurred to you that every class you’ve taken in school was taught in English? That might be a good thing for you, but for non-English speakers it’s a different story. It’s a given to not being able to understand material leading to struggling to keep good grades. This is what non-English speakers have to deal with through their schooling, due to language barriers and lack of knowledge of the English language. The only solution to this problem is to integrate Bilingual learning into classrooms, allowing non-English speakers to slowly learn the language while they get the education they need to graduate.
There are a lot of bilingual programs available in schools, but the success of them are very small and are also dependent on how well the individual teachers in those programs teach (Bilingual education is necessary). Some of those programs even force students to learn as much English as they can within a single school year before being placed into a normal English speaking class (Schools should employ bilingual education). There are schools who have bilingual
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Of all of those ELL students, most schools only will report that around 4% of them will be reclassified as proficient in English each year while the rest of them will either drop out or go into an immersion class. (Schools should Employ Bilingual Education). The only schools that can guarantee appropriate bilingual education are private schools, and that is because of movements that only allow classes to be taught in English in public schools (Bilingual Education is Necessary). This is a problem because it keeps non-English speakers who are in poverty from getting the proper education, and eventually having them struggle in public schools with sub-par programs for

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