The Problem Of Biased Wilderness Preservation Policies Essay

1031 Words Nov 30th, 2016 5 Pages
The Merriam-Webster definition of wilderness certainly defines the important distinction between affected and unaffected geographical areas in the Canadian environment. Sincalir’s (2016) article defines the problem of biased wilderness preservation policies when it comes to extraction of natural resources from differing regions of Canada. In fact, there are many instances when the regulation of the ecosystem is diverted in order to give cart blanche to resource extraction corporations’ massive leeway to take natural resources without the same oversight as national parks or preserved areas. This is part of the separation of certain areas of land management policies, which divert attention from the problem of pollution and the destruction of the land as part of a larger ecosystem issue. In this manner, the Canadian government has often an extremely difficult balancing the protection of certain tracts of wilderness habit with the destruction brought about by the extraction of natural resources. In many cases, the struggle for natural resources often trumps the protection of wilderness areas, since Canada is involved in a competitive form of economic development with other nations. For instance, Canada has recently been struggling to gain more land rights over the Arctic in order to gain access to mineral and oil resources. This type of economic condition makes it very difficult to preserve the natural environment due to the highly competitive access to natural resources as…

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