The Problem Of Bias Is Not A Good News Source Can Be Hard Essay examples

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In today 's infotainment world of news finding a good news source can be hard. Everything has bias in it. It is impossible to write a paper without bias, it is impossible to tell a story without bias. It is just human nature. Though bias isn 't necreassly a bad thing, as long as we know how to spot it. Bias is just people having options, and that is a good thing for people to have. You can spot bias pretty easily by just knowing where the source of the information is coming from. Take Fox news for example they lean pretty heavily to the right, and they will always lean that way. So when getting information from Fox news keep that in mind, same goes for the other side of the aisle.
For my first story I found interesting stories about how Eric Holder said that Edward Snowden did a “public service”. For my three sources I used Fox news, CNN , and Common Dreams. Head lines are very important because most people only read the headlines. Fox news used the headline “Holder: Snowden did 'public service, ' but should still be punished”, CNN headline read “Eric Holder says Edward Snowden performed a 'public service '”, and Common Dreams headline was “ 'Hypocrite ' Holder Says Snowden Performed Important 'Public Service '”. Fox news was the only headline that said “but should still be punished”. As most people know Fox news leans heavily to the right side of the political aisle. I remember watching Fox and they were not happy with Snowden. However all three…

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