The Problem Of Being A Teen Father Essay

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Gary was a 17 year old in high school when he found out his girlfriend Linda was pregnant. There is many environmental factors that could have contributed to the fact of being a teen father. Variables making a person more likely to become a teen father include living in an inner city, doing poorly in school, being poor, and being involved in delinquent acts (Klein and the Committee on Adolescence, 2005; Yarber et al., 2011). Gary and Linda lived in Chicago. Gary never really did well in school. In fact, when he was in the sixth grade, he had to stay back and repeat the sixth grade. Gary’s family was poor. However when he could afford it Gary would buy drugs. They most likely lived in an area where everyone was poverty stricken. Everyone in Gary’s neighborhood probably did drugs. Parents can also influence a child to make poor decisions. Gary didn’t have a good parental role model. His father lived in another state with a new family, so he was never around. Gary’s mother would go out and come home drunk all the time. Gary was just doing what he was shown.
There is help out there for Gary, and anyone who finds themselves in Gary’s situation. A human service professional could get Gary into a GED program so he could finish school and be able to get a better paying job. Programs such as SNAP (also known as food stamps) and food banks would be able to help Gary feed his family if that was an issue for him like it is for the most poverty stricken families. Woman Infants…

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