Essay The Problem Of Being A Pharmacist

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The dream about being a pharmacist started when I was in high school, the keenness I have for both chemistry and cancer research combined with the amazement by the human body magnificence encouraged me to think about taking the first step on this path, and pursue my undergraduate degree in Science of Pharmacy.
Science always captivated me; I enjoyed learning about every aspect of pharmacy during my undergraduate studies du to being so passionate about it. Regarding chemistry what mostly was entertaining is learning about drug delivery systems, physical pharmacy, analytical chemistry, and pharmacokinetics, while in biology; I loved physiology, pharmacology, nutrition and pharmacotherapy. These subjects helped me understand the big picture of pharmacy; how specific parts of molecules and drugs affect certain organs, how we can improve them, in addition to how a small change can have a huge impact on the entire body.
I have a high cultural versatility, starting with the fact of being half Bosnian half Jordanian, studying French during my High school, my volunteering at AIESEC projects in Both Hungary and Bosnia, all of these experiences helped me develop my communication skills and increased my self-confidence.
I am an achiever and my belief is that there is always a way for self-improvement, therefore whenever I have such an opportunity I’ll take it. So during my summer break 2014, I went to Wisconsin and did a research internship in stem cells for three months, which was…

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