Essay about The Problem Of An Investment Avenue

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In a semi-urban area once a brand makes its presence felt it becomes a trend. If an investment avenue gives out good returns there is an entire chain of people who will fall in to the pool like the domino effect because of word of mouth.
The sources of information here primarily comprises of the print media, the television and the radio. The internet still is used in a sporadic manner only for basic online formalities. The study shows difference between the consumers studied. The newspaper is what the common man depends upon for the daily news. The AM Radio is also prevalent here among the older generation mostly for news and old songs. They like listening to the news along with match commentaries. The television is mostly in demand for movies and soaps.
A point to remember about semi-urban India is that the vernacular language of the state holds pre- eminence over common languages such as Hindi and English.
India is a country comprising of 28 states and 7 union territories, each with at least one distinct language of its own. Now this poses a problem. There are people who might be educated in an English medium school but still prefer to communicate in their vernacular. This means that any communication in terms of marketing will be responded to in a better manner if it is in their own language. 6
Information about insurance here is mainly derived from door to door agents.
People are not very affected by ads on popular channels. They trust what an agent tells them and are…

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