The Problem Of Alternative Medicine Essay

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“Every effective drug provokes in the human body a sort of disease of its own, and the stronger the drug, the more characteristic, and the more marked and more violent the disease. We should imitate nature, which sometimes cures a chronic affliction with another supervening disease, and prescribe for the illness we wish to cure, especially if chronic, a drug with power to provoke another, artificial disease, as similar as possible, and the former disease will be cured: fight like with like.” (Samuel Hahnemann). Over the past couple of years it has been found that conventional medicine has many serious side effects which can harm a person’s health. Homeopathy was found to be a solution to this problem. Alternative medicine can have many positive effects on a person’s health and their lifestyle. Homeopathy allows a person to treat their symptoms without all of the side effects and harmful chemicals of conventional medicine, while also being more cost effective. Homeopathy also helps the body heal faster than conventional medicine. There are many different types of homeopathy, such as acupuncture, chiropractic, placebos, and many others. In my explanation of homeopathy I will explore

Bonadies 2 the different aspects the placebo effect, alternative medicine, as well as the history behind homeopathy. More of a transition/thesis into intro paragraph lengthen
For many, alternative medicine is an escape from all these conventional medicines. There are many different uses of…

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