The Problem Of Affordable Public Housing Essay

1250 Words Nov 3rd, 2016 5 Pages
Once said, “A society will be judged on the basis of how it treats its weakest members”(pope Paul II). This quote can be attached to the infrastructure of how we treat those who live in NYCHA. The projects are what millions of low-income families call home. However, home is such a compelling word to discuss the projects because the homes are owned by the state and they do as they wish. These low-income families live in "affordable public housing" but affordable is a questionable word to use. Most of the tenants are struggling to pay for rent and groceries. Unfortunately , often tenants are known to turn to crime because there no space for economic mobility. The projects are known as one of the worst places to live due to the high crime rate. To see their Behavior one has to see the reasons behind it. These tenants are struggling to receive, economic growth and assistance, better living conditions, and better treatment overall to their buildings to the tenants themselves. Working for NYCHA at a call center, we receive calls from a range of things such as elevator being out of operation too having the building clean. Most of the tenants often express the lack of services provided to them. For example, tenants call in for their refrigerators being out of order, and it is considered a 24-hour emergency ticket. By the time emergency staff gets to them, the food is rotten or no good. This angers the callers because they don 't have the means of just going out to the supermarket…

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