Essay about The Problem Of A Social Worker

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There are several presenting problem in LaShonda case. The first issue is that she is suicidal; she has been placed on a 5150, due to her overdosing on pills. The next problem is that LaShonda was diagnosed with depression six month ago after losing her job. Then LaShonfa told her therapist that she lost her job because she was black. The last issue is LaShonda sense of hopelessness, which is making her feel like she wants to die. When a social worker is helping a client they must be aware of the emotions that may conjure up during the helping process.
According to Hummel (2013) “When a therapy client presents with thoughts, emotions, or behaviors that trigger a therapist 's own unresolved conflicts, the therapist may experience countertransference”(p.1). This is an unconscious process, which makes a helping professional respond to their unresolved issues. For example, my clinical countertransference in working with LaShonda would be the fact that she feels like her employer discriminated against her racial identity. When I was 18 years old, I was fired form my job due to a minor error. The majority of the staff was Caucasian, including all the managers at the restaurant. I felt that they discriminated against me; I was one of the only Hispanic workers in the entire restaurant. There unfair treatment mad me angry resulting in not wanting to work at any restaurant. Helping LaShonda would evoke feeling that I had in the past. I would have to develop healthy boundaries to…

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