Essay on The Problem Of A Social Worker

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As one is pondering over a time in which they have hit rock bottom, what they’ll remember most is not the details of the event that occurred, but who was nearby to help them overcome the hurdle. Whether it is a child being separated from their parent, a woman escaping an abusive relationship, or a homosexual teenager on the brink of suicide, everyone needs to know that there is someone who cares about their well being; as a Social Worker, you provide a shoulder for a person to cry on and become the confidant they trust, while providing the proper skills and resources needed to guide them in the right direction.
Furthermore, social work is the ability to assist individuals in finding positive solutions to conquer the worst times of their lives. Pursuing this profession is to ensure that you are performing at your highest abilities to help a client; in addition to establishing a commitment to the core values and principles- service, social justice, dignity and worth of a person, importance of human relationships, integrity, and competence- that are set by the association.
These vital values should constantly be applied to everyday life as we encounter diverse groups of people from different levels of society. Acquiring a balance between moral principles and an open mind, is imperative to succeed in this career; one must embody compassion to have the willingness to put another persons needs before their own, for you are genuinely reaching out to all people, whether they are…

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