Essay on The Problem Of A Mental Health Disorder

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Introduction Gender has been defined as the characteristics of women and men that happen to be socially constructed for purposes of giving them a real identity of who they are. Gender identifies people as either men or women (Daly, et al., 2002). Again, gender plays a significant role in the way that adolescents suffering from mental health issues are handled. In most cases gender happens to play an important role in the way that rehabilitation is applied in solving mental health issues in adolescents with different gender identity (Daumit, et al., 2013). As such, this paper will look at the challenges as well as the solutions that are needed to solve these issues when applying this particular approach.
Challenges presented There are a number of gender related issues that are presented in the process of solving adolescent mental issues when applying the recovery-oriented approach. Some of the challenges that are presented include the following. One of the problems that arise when trying to solve a mental health disorder is that of having the involved suffering from different disorders that make it hard for those trying to solve the issues to come up with a standard way of solving the issue. In this, men and women happen to suffer from different disorders and they usually need different approaches to address their problems (Daly, et al., 2002). The meaning of this is that, whatever is applicable to women does not generally qualify to be applicable to women. This thus…

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