Essay on The Problem Of A Mental Experience

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Some people have pet peeves, suffer from phobia, are just afraid of different things. People possess these things because something significant has happened to them to make them never forget something and always react to it. I am one of those people. I am terrified and terribly scared of sharks. I haven’t had a serious experience but I have had, I guess, a mental experience. For me, before something happens, I always think the worse case scenario. I always worry about the negative things that could happen.
I couldn’t stress enough how afraid I am of sharks. I will always be scared of them. I believe this is because at a young age I so happened to watch The Deep Blue Sea. If you haven’t seen the movie, it is about scientist who believed they can make sharks smarter. I think they made the sharks a bit too smart. There is a scene where they had put the shark to sleep while they were analyzing the shark’s brain. All of a sudden, the shark woke up, but they did not know the shark was awake. The shark then waited for one of the scientists to come close enough to him. Out of nowhere the shark jumped up and ate him. From watching that scene, I was convinced all sharks are smart. I was scared for my life.
My family and friends know I love the ocean, but I don’t think they know I only love it when I am able to see what is in it. Sometimes even being the only person in the water gets me timid and thinking of the worse case scenario. Lucky for me I live in Bermuda and the ocean is…

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