The Problem Of A Licensed Professional Counselor Named Dan Essay

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For the assignment, I was intrigued Ethical Dilemma 3 and selected this scenario for my research. The scenario is about a licensed professional counselor named Dan who works in a church based practice. Dan doesn’t feel like it’s necessary to keep records of the counseling session that he conducted with his clients since the practice that he works for is church based. Dan believes that because he’s working with clients who are high functioning and records wouldn’t serve a purpose. Dan feels that only clients who are really sick should need and benefit from documented records.
I. Identify the Problem
The issue that is prevalent is that lack of documentation that is required when counseling. Dan’s negligence is a major violation and an unprofessional practice as a counselor. The standard of care for all mental health professionals requires keeping current records for all professional contacts. (Corey, Corey, Corey, Callahan, 2015) Dan also violated the ethical code by imposing his beliefs on the clients. Implying that someone of the same religion is better behaved than the others that practice a different religion is highly unethical and may be offensive to the client and his colleagues. Professionally, Dan has shown that he’s isn’t capable of upholding the expectations that are expected from him as a counselor. Ethically, he’s not providing the best possible care for his client. He’s more concerned with himself rather than assisting the client to the best of his ability.…

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