The Problem Of A College Graduate Essay

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Week #4 - Post #1, Michael O 'Brien
1. What is your opinion about a college graduate who paid his/her tuition by being a “call girl” or a “male escort?”
I think that having a college graduate that paid his/her tuition by being a “call girl” or a “male escort” says more about how broken our education system really is. Nobody should have to sell their bodies to be able to afford a proper education. Nobody should have to degrade themselves to make a better place for themselves in this world (through education or any other means). We are all humans, and we all make mistakes. It is a shame that some young women and men feel that they must put themselves into these situations to get ahead but unfortunately that is the world we live in. Tuition prices and large amounts of debt are a serious burden that some people suffer from daily, yet to be desperate enough to sell your body to offset the costs seems like we are teaching the wrong lesson. I don’t judge these people, they each made a choice and will have to live with the consequences, but again I think it says more about how broken the system and is and less about how broken the person is.
Week #4 - Post #2, Michael O 'Brien
2. Who do you think is the author of the world’s Criminal Justice System, God or Satan?
I think that to some extent you could say that there is one general world’s Criminal Justice System but in reality the laws differ from country to country. In America, I do feel that Christianity plays a large role in the…

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