The Problem I Want For Your Company Different Than Others Essay

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The Problem I Want to Solve

The original problem that I wanted to solve was how can I make my company different than others? After reading about becoming a deep learner and taking everything one step further, there is more than just that that I desire to solve. I want creative interior designers to work for my company and feel as if they have job security. I want to provide my employees with a flexible schedule and many benefits to reward them for their hard work. I want my employees to enjoy their job so much that it reflects in their work. I aim for my business to inspire others with our decor and style. I strive to stand out from than other companies in ways such as strong value, ethics, and civic engagement. I know that my company will be different than others because as I have learned in my Intro to Art, Design, and Merchandising class, everyone views art and design differently. Thus being the case, I want something else to offer. I want my employees to be able to create a beautiful space with whatever they are given, and I want my clients to be so happy with the results and make their house a place they are happy to call home.

Purpose of a College Education

Martin Luther King states in his article, “The Purpose of Education,” that intelligence plus character is the goal of true education. Dr. Gerardo Gonzalez mentioned in his lecture that a liberal education is a philosophy of education that empowers individuals with broad knowledge and transferable skills, and a…

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