The Problem For Global Social Movements Essay

1066 Words Nov 5th, 2014 null Page
The most challenging problem for global social movements is the national boundaries that prevent a broad range of communication at the global level. In the modern era, the use of the Internet and the World Wide Web has provided a massive network in which people can communicate across national boundaries, but these methods of communication exist only in a text-based, audio, or video medium. These aspects of communication are a n excellent source of communication at this level, but they do not provide the necessary material support and social interaction that social movements need at the global level. More so, first world nations and transitional corporations have often been known to thwart digital communications that social movements use to help impoverished or marginalized peoples throughout the world:
At the national levels, knowledge sharing through peer=to=peer networks continues to be sanctioned, and in many countries, autonomous communication projects are targeted by repression (Milan, , p.4).
In this context, the bridge between digital communications and material assistance for global social movements is somewhat limited in the ability to affect change in third world countries. More so, there is a concerted effort by first world capitalist nations to prevent social movements from gaining access to these areas of the world in their help is most needed. Communication is an important barrier for global social movements to maintain a sustainable long-term resistance…

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