Essay on The Problem Facing The United States

1312 Words Apr 3rd, 2016 null Page
All of the major issues are in some form connected to the modern ideology of Americans. The three biggest problems that plague the United States right now all go hand in hand. We can not fix one without working on the others. First we must prepare and educate our youth, second we must give our children jobs, and third we must elect officials that help with the first two issues.
The first problem facing the United States affects our children, our future: the broken education system in America and the lack of interest in higher education in the country. Students have lost motivation towards learning and more specifically school. America spends millions on education and public schools every year but students do not utilize the available resources efficiently. And because of this, unfortunately, a large population of high school students does not seek higher education. In third world countries and even other developed states, students have access to few resources but capitalize on the resources readily unlike in the United States. And a large percentage of the students that are capitalizing on American resources are unable to afford the unreasonable high cost of education in America. The private institutions have transformed in big businesses and are looking to make a profit. The solution to this problem is to encourage education through role models that prove the benefits of education and legislation to make it even easier for students to attend college or technical…

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