The Problem And Problem Of A Team Member Is Guilty Of Poor Communication

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Each team member is guilty of poor communication, not only across the other departments within the hybrid team, but also within their own team. Employees struggle to communicate issues with their other team members and managers, manager struggle to communicate with their team, and the managers in each department struggle to communicate with each other. The persons most responsible for this issue would have to be management, these managers have worked with each other for years and have amazing experience in this field. There is no reason they should not be able to align with one another and come to an agreement about how fraud should be handled and what action should be taken to combat the current fraud increase. The main assumption here is that many of the communication issues for this team stem from refusal to see the problem and act on it.
The shared reality of this department/hybrid team is that fraud has taken an all-time high. If this team is not able to do something about the fraud percentage to sales, they will risk losing merchant accounts and run into legal issues across the board. Although this is known by all, it has yet to produce a common goal. Instead this shared reality has caused panic and further disconnect through the whole organization.
The individuals involved in this hybrid team were good communicators within their own departments. Some employees worked at the same company for years and have been able to successfully communicate at one…

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