The Pro Raw Milk Should Be Broadly Drawn Into Two Camps Essay

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The parties interested in the raw milk debate can be broadly drawn into two camps. The pro raw milk advocates on one side call for policies that would facilitate raw milk sale and consumption. The pro raw milk coalition is comprised of a combination of nutritionists, small scale dairy farmers, and local food proponents. On the other side is the pro pasteurization camp which includes the vast majority of the dairy industry and virtually every food safety group (Miller 2007, 1). Between these adverse factions are policy makers (state legislators) who must determine a course of action that balances the demands of pro raw milk advocates with health concerns and pressure from the dairy industry.
Of all the interested parties, the farmers selling raw milk and consumers have the most at stake; farmers, because they are the ones who bear the brunt of onerous regulations, potential fines, and loss of livelihood; consumers, because the availability of raw milk in the market is reliant on the outcome of the debate, and because any sickness that results from contaminated raw milk will happen to them.


Raw milk is more susceptible to contamination by pathogens than pasteurized milk and results in disproportionate number of cases of food borne illnesses (Robinson, Scheftel and Smith 2014). In "Raw Milk Consumption among Patients with Non–Outbreak-related Enteric Infections, Minnesota, USA, 2001–2010,” the authors state that: “From 1998 through 2011, a total of 148…

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