The Pro / Con Point Of View Of The Policy Essay

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III. The pro/con point of view of the policy:
The ACA is the largest health care policy in the U.S. with many advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages of the ACA is that roughly tens of millions of Americans, who are uninsured, will have access to affordable health insurance coverage utilizing the marketplace. Another advantage of this policy is that more than half of the uninsured individuals are able to receive health insurance either at a low cost or no cost through the State 's Health Insurance Marketplace. Some other benefits of the ACA include the expansion of Medicaid providing coverage to nearly 15.9 million women, men, and children with a poverty level less than 138%; expansion of Children 's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) providing coverage to almost 9 million children; and expansion of Medicare providing more free preventive services and maintaining low rates. Other benefits of this policy indicate that no individuals can be denied coverage when they are sick with any health condition or when they make an honest application error. Another advantage from this policy is that small businesses are allowed to obtain 50% of tax credits from the health insurance premium costs of their employees. Furthermore, this policy allows young adults to remain on their parent’s health insurance plan up to age 26. This policy qualifies up to 82% of adults that are uninsured to receive low cost or no cost health insurance. This policy also ensures that beginning 2014,…

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