The Privacy Of The Digital Age Essay

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Privacy is a concern for most people living in America. Although it is not explicitly stated in the Constitution, the right to privacy is acknowledged through several amendments such as the First Amendment (which protects the privacy of religion and speech) and the Fourth Amendment (which protects the privacy of people from unreasonable searches). The current shift to the digital age has forced people to watch their digital footprints in order to protect themselves from prying eyes. With the advancement of the digital age, the concern for privacy is needed now more than ever to protect a basic human right. In recent times, it has become commonplace for government agencies to keep citizens under surveillance for the purpose of collecting and storing personal information. The intent of mass surveillance is to protect citizens from future terrorist attacks. The move towards policies for counterterrorism require the help of government agencies such as the National Security Agency. In 2013, a whistleblower by the name of Edward Snowden disclosed documents from the NSA that revealed that the agency not only collected data on criminals, but all citizens. Snowden revealed that “for more than a decade, the National Security Agency has been collecting telephone metadata . . . on virtually every American” (Cole 218). Despite the ongoing surveillance program, the NSA has not stopped any major terror attacks. The digital revolution has expanded the government’s ability to spy on an…

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